Credit card with credit line without credit check

If a credit card without a Credit Checker (without a credit check) promises a true credit limit, the alarm bells should ring. Pay off in small installments, like a loan.

Regrettably, however, it is not possible for anyone to obtain a credit card in the normal way, since in most cases a review of the known credit bureaus, such as the Credit Checker, is performed. A complete waiver of credit checks is only possible with prepaid credit cards and also common. The quotation marks “alone indicate that these are not really real credit cards.

With a credit card, you have far more options


For paying and shopping than with your traditional ec / maestro card. Take advantage of a credit card now and enjoy additional discounts or surcharges. At the moment we can only recommend the following visa card to anyone who is interested in a credit card.

Because in addition to the very lucrative pricing of this VisaCard credit card, the often borderline credit rating of the credit card is given. Therefore, this free credit card from VISA is also worth a visit for anyone interested in one or two other scratches on shoemaking: the VISA Card Credit Card Classics provides a fair check by card-issuing banks.

There is often this credit card with border credit!

There is often this credit card with border credit!

Also available with border credit! Those interested can request this free credit card for free, whether it’s a Credit Checker entry or not. At best, you will receive a full VisaCard credit card for free and, in the worst case, a free cancellation.

Since the Credit Checker request “credit conditions” that occurred with the request does NOT affect the Credit Checker score of the applicant and the inquiry for the Credit Checker contract partner is only visible for 10 days (!). The changeover between full and partial payment is also possible after receipt of the credit card. Advantages of the credit card Visa Card at a glance: Requirements for signing up for the free VisaCard credit card: The minimum age is 18 years.

At present, the credit card is for residents with permanent residence in the Federal Republic to have. You will receive the free credit card from VISA by mail and at no extra charge! So there is NO COD and there is NO cost for credit card delivery!

Even if you have border credit, it’s a good idea to apply for the Visa Card for free by clicking on one of the two banner ads. Because the chances of getting this credit card are good, despite their marginal creditworthiness. If your application for a free VisaCard credit card is not accepted, please select one of the following options::

The two Mastercard credit cards without Good Finance procedure come – in contrast to the VisaCard mentioned above – without credit limit (keyword prepaid), but are otherwise a very ordinary credit card. With these cards, you also get a paid master card that makes you at home all over the world.